About Us

The key senior members at Axis Care  bring in a wealth of experience in the Mental Health and Learning Disabilities services covering the following areas: acute admissions care, forensic care, rehabilitation care, community care, finance management and real estate, all drawn from both hospital and community settings.

This sector-experience is backed by high academic and professional training qualifications amongst the team members. It is a key objective of the team to ensure that this strong background of knowledge and expertise is disseminated for use down the company hierarchy to impact positively on work done by all carers at Axis Care.

Axis Care



We are a leading provider of social care services by pursuing the best possible outcomes for our service users: putting people first, listening to their views, responding to their needs and supporting service users to live a fulfilled and independent life as valued members of their communities.



To provide personalised services that will promote the best levels of independent living for our service users whilst enabling them to become respected members of the communities in which they live in.



We believe that the best person to plan his or her future is that very person, with professional support and care when needed. We help our service users to fulfil their expectations and aspirations and we aspire to enable them to make their own plans and decisions regarding their life. Our core values include the following:



We will be honest and accountable in all our operations. We will cooperate with all those who may wish to assess the quality of our services



We will carry out our duties and responsibilities with high levels of commitment and passion to ensure the best possible outcomes for our service users. We are committed to a person-centred approach by placing the service users at the centre of all activities in order for them to be able to make their own choices about how they want to live their lives so that they can maximise their full potential in integrating with the community.



We will treat all our service users with respect and dignity. No discrimination or prejudice will be tolerated in any of our homes. Axis Care will take all steps necessary to remove any discrimination from all operations and take positive action to promote equal opportunities. We work to ensure that neither the service user nor care staff receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of disability, gender, age, race, ethnic or national origins, and sexual orientation.



Our service users are encouraged and supported to exercise their right to select and express their life-style preferences within reason and positive risk frameworks.



This is a foundation element of our service provision plans. We strive to build and sustain the highest safeguarding levels for our residents.



We place respect and dignity of our service users at the heart of all our work.  We must listen to the expressed preferences of our service users alongside those of their relatives and placement authorities whilst affording them the high level of dignity that they deserve at all times.

Why Use Us?


Our team of dedicated staff will work with you unreservedly to ensure that all identified and agreed needs are addressed in the most effective manner possible.

We encourage all our staff to undertake continuous self-development programs through a specified training matrix developed together with their manager.

We listen to the work opinions of our staff and adjust our operations where and when necessary.

Ability to step down within the organisation:

We have the ability to provide differing levels of accommodation and support depending on the individual resident’s progress and preferences. This is done in a planned and coordinated manner with the full participation of the resident, placement authorities and relatives.

Quality of Service:

We employ internal and external service user surveys to monitor and inform our practice in pursuit of continuous improvement.

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